Accepting your Limitations

I was watching Dancing with the Stars the other night (don’t judge) and that there seems to be a common theory (especially in the US) that I find very dangerous: You can do anything if you work hard enough!

While this seems very affirming it is simply not true. Not to crush you aspirations, but some people can’t become president even if they tried their hardest and that guy on Dancing with the Stars who misses an arm and a leg won’t be able to dance technically perfectly.

I’m not trying to be mean. Actually I’m not only trying to be realistic but affirming that way. Here’s why: If the judges will keep on telling him he’ll do great if only he practices hard enough, he will fail terribly.

Don’t get me wrong I admire this guy for doing his thing on the show, for working (probably) so much harder than anyone else! What I’m trying to say is that he won’t ever be able to toss around his partner in the air safely like the other contestants.

Which is okay!

And that’s the affirmation in finding and accepting your limitations: Even though I might not be able to be president and the DWTS guy won’t be able to dance perfectly, that doesn’t lower my worth as a person.

It’s good to accept your limitations and realize that they don’t define you but your strengths and abilities do!

The real challenge is to realize which limits you have to push and which you’ll need to accept – still no answer for that, I guess.


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