Being an Introvert

I’ve always been on the fence about the whole Introvert/Extrovert debate.

Only recently Introverts started to get a lot more credit, where as before it seemed like being extroverted was the „right“ way to be. We imagined Introverts to be shy weirdos who don’t have any friends and can’t talk to other people. But actually Introverts are just chronically overstimulated people.

While Extroverts have a low arousal level naturally and need a lot of stimulation to get to a positive hedonic tone (a optimal, pleasant level of arousal), Introverts are the other way around. This theory was stated by H.J. Eysenck who was a British psychologist.

It simply explains why Introverts have more fun staying at home to read a book (because little stimulation is enough to make them feel good) while Extroverts love to party or being around a lot of people (they need a lot of stimulation to feel good).

Enough science for now!

Somewhere I read, heard or saw another definition of Introverts and Extroverts which I loved: Introverts gain energy from being alone. They loose energy when being around a lot of people.

What I found interesting about this definition is the fact that it doesn’t exclude Introverts (like me) from having fun when around friends or at a party. It simply means that when they’re around people a lot they’ll loose energy and will need some time alone after a night of partying to gain it back!

Such a relieve for all my fellow Introverts out there: We are no weirdos – or at least not just because we’re introverted!


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