Sounds for Studying

So I don’t know about you, but myself and studying are not the best of friends.

I can take hours preparing for studying – mentally, making tea, getting snacks, setting the mood, ya know – when spending only half an hour really studying afterwards.

But seriously, I feel like I need a good amount of preparation to really focus on my studying and one part of said preparing for me is finding some nice sounds to listen to. I tried to listen to music before, but that didn’t really work for me (I guess I’m too much of a sing-along person).

So because I can’t listen to music, but I can’t handle complete silence either, I discovered some websites to fill my need for calming sounds while studying:

Firstly, there is Rainy Mood. This is a pretty straight forward site with a nice rain sound. For me personally there is a little to much thunder going on from time to time, but still pretty good, simple site.

Another straight forward one: Rainy Cafe where you can mix the sounds of a busy cafe with rain. A really nice if still simple one because you can decide how much rain or cafe noise you want to add. I always like to create what I would describe as a rainy day at a table beside a window far back in the corner of cozy cafe (so a lot of rain and less cafe noise I guess).

Coffitivity on the other hand focuses solely on cafe sounds, but it has some great options. You can listen to the morning murmur, lunchtime lounge and university undertones for free while you need to buy a premium account for some other more exotic ones (Brazil Bistro).

Last but not least, my favorite website: soundrown where you can choose between so many great sounds to calm you down or let you focus on getting stuff done. My favorite is the rain sound (with just a tiny little bit of thunder), but they also have coffee, waves, fire, birds, night, train, fountain, white noise and playground noises.

Hopefully this helps some of you fellow college/uni guys & girls. If you know any other websites for calming sounds let me know!


3 Gedanken zu “Sounds for Studying

  1. annemarie & life schreibt:

    I totally know what you mean!
    I usually listen to some calming piano sounds while learning, helps me to calm down and focus. It also helps me to not get distracted while learning.
    Thanks for the websites, I’m definitely going to check them out!

    Gefällt mir

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